Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hanging out under apple trees today.

How fickle the Santa Fe weather can be!  Yesterday blowing snow.  Today we got nice sunny with a cool breeze (but as I'm writing this at dark more snowflakes are falling).  Mercy and Delilah accompanied us on a ride out at the gallop track/front big field.  This time I let go of Scarlett's mouth a lot more, and consequently we did 2.5 miles in rather short order.  (She didn't even get sweaty.)  But she did come down to a walk when asked toward the end.  Very last, I popped her over a ground pole.  To my delight, she jumped the pole, then happily jumped the crossrail that was next, then a curving line to another cross-rail.  SHE'S A JUMPER!  I was so ecstatic I could dance.  We then spent some time just hanging out, hand-grazing under the apple trees at Arrowhead Ranch.  I think Scarlett really likes life right now.  (Photos by Mercy)

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