Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ninth ride under saddle.

We are still working on steering.  Focus is entirely on freely going forward, we are not asking going on-contact, much less any particular frame.  I do notice that her head does come down and she begins to work over the back, naturally, as she relaxes.  Sometimes she will reach all the way down to the ground.  When she's uptight and alert, the head comes up like a giraffe, tail comes up, and we get completely inverted.  Not fussing about that at this point, just asking for a little more forward.  I'm of course working acutely on un-weighting the left seatbone.  The only way I have figured out to use to tell my body (successfully) to lighten it is to look over my left shoulder!   Yes, looking over my left shoulder while asking for a bend to the right is odd, but effective.

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