Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vetted, teeth floated, feet aligned and trimmed.

Scarlett saw Dr. Meddleton on March 31 and farrier Robert Holt on April 2.  (Teeth floating, here.)

Here is what I wrote to my mom:
I have been riding Scarlett in the ring for just a brief time… just starting slowly.  She doesn't have any steering installed but through lounging we are mastering whoa. She has the light, sensitive arab-like mouth, that every little thing makes her want to toss her head up, which we'll have to fix (no ties downs in jumping).  She is pretty much the opposite of Delilah in very way--light and sensitive, maybe over-sensitive, to the legs and hand. She moves so quickly and effortlessly it is easy to get left behind. She does pull back at the hitching post, but has been getting less and less (doesn't get free, just pulls back once).  She usually pulls back when confronted with the saddle or a spay bottle, so both of those are subject of training.  I've been saddling her, then letting her stand there tied with a little food while I ride Caesar.  She LOVES being curried so I carry a spray bottle of water and spray the curry, just to get her happy with it.  Her feet got successfully trimmed up, her teeth all floated and wolf teeth pulled, and she's getting some weight-on supplements (so the opposite of the ponies, who get at the most the beet pulp left after the sugar is all removed) and is starting to enjoy being a diva at Arrowhead ranch.  I was worried when the snowstorm came that I wouldn't be able to get a blanket on  her--everything seems to be for the first time--but we did, and she seemed to like it. (She and Delilah wear the same sized blanket--Scarlett just wears it several feet higher above the ground!)  She especially likes it when we are the last to use the arena in the evening, and I can get off and take off the saddle in the middle and let her roll.  (Of course that doesn't work when other people are schooling so I tend to work her last.)   So I am treating her like a two year old baby, we are just trying to work with her every day (I've only missed the day it snowed) just a little and keep it happy and low-stress, keep that giraffe head of hers down as much as possible, and make her confident that if I point her at something and say we're going, it is fine to go.  She has already become a member of the team--Mercy and I have the honor at the barn of having 3 horses that whinny and run to greet us when we get out of the car.  :)     

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